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Make sure that you don't repeat the same idea as someone else.
Here's some things that have already been suggested.

Accepted ideas/Things that will be implemented in the future
-A special form for HP/Special Attack
-2v2 and 3v3 battles
-Pokemon Daycare

Rejected ideas
-Deleting Accounts
-More than one Pokemon per trade
-Trading tokens
-Buying tokens with in-game coins
-Yearly log-in reward
-Reward for correctly typing in the right words on the security check in game
-Lowering token shop prices
-rewards for releasing Pokemon
-Your Pokemon following you
-Maps for premium members only
-HMs for warping/swimming/flying etc
-Gift cards
-Different name background colors for NPCs based on quest availability
-Creating saved teams
-Delay breeding of legendaries after trading
-Allowing more than normal forum user to edit a forum topic
-Trade eggs
-Adding Pokemon location as a premium member feature
-Immediately have option to nickname Pokemon after capture (just go to the Pokemon page for that!)
-Sell back bikes/shoes to the token shop
-Comment on Pokemon Page
-Trainer Exp from 1v1 battles
-Releasing tons of Pokemon at once
-Money Spent on breeding added to the Shopping Spree achievement
-Badge Popluations (where you click on a badge and it shows how many people have it)
-Upping the levels gained with Rare Candy
-De-evolve candy
-First Pokemon in lineup follows you
-Listing all the owners of a Pokemon in the Pokedex listing
-Birthday Pokemon

Maybe Pile (may/may not be considered)
-Safari Zone
-Icons for types of attacks
-Clickable Eggs/Pokemon in game
-Attacks transfer with evolution
-Pokemon Abilities
-Other Pokeballs with effects
-list wild encounter rarities on the Pokedex

Suggestions that have already been added to the game
-Pokemon Nicknames in PC drop down boxes
-Link to item shop in skill shop page and vice versa
-Buttons for Movement and show menu
-Give seeds better names
-Rewards for higher numbers of referrals
-Add link to forum and mibbit on homepage
-Add number of completed quests to the Profile page
-Add a prison forum
-Guide Section to Forums
-Pokemon Nicknames
-Battle again button at end of NPC battles
-WASD keys for movement
-EV raising/reducing items
-Headbutt trees
-Escape rope for caves/maps
-Warp out of gym when completing the gym leader's quests
-Show Happiness levels on Pokemon's page
-Happiness Bike and Shoes
-HP Bar
-EXP adjustment
-In-Game Titles
-Adjust the EXP rate gain of Pokemon
-Have saved Pokemon teams
-Breeding Legendaries
-Happiness step counter on Pokemon page
-Faster egg hatch method (installed as instant hatch button)
-Happiness preview on profile (little heart icon when Pokemon are ready to breed)
-Removing/changing nicknames of Pokemon you are not the original owner of.
-Desired gender in token shop
-Friend Balls
-Equalizing badge sizes/revamping badges
-Delete saved Pokemon teams
-Bonuses for frequent donors
-Trade search for the ? Gender
-EV Training Items (the Power items)
-Making non-holiday forms breedable
-Item enableing auto-battle for specials/legendaries
-Instant Hatch button
-Locking high + Pokemon to prevent breed points from flooding the market
-PP up, PP max
-Night-only Pokemon listed in the Pokedex

~~Credit to PP for layout~~
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