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Welcome to the Clan Wars thread. Here, you and your clan mates will fight other members in this game not only for prizes, but for the honor/glory of your respective clans.

To make sure that this tournament runs smoothly and to keep the amount of complaints, etc. to a minimum, the rules and other things will be written down in details. We do not want any repeats of that last war.

This will also be helpful to those of you who are new to this. While yes, this tournament has more rules than the other ones but as mentioned earlier, they are there to make sure you all understand and to make sure things run fairly as well as being quick/efficient. (They are essentially the same rules that the other tournaments run, except a few of them are broken into smaller ones so easier to understand)

Requirements to Join

1. You must be in a clan (hence the name, "Clan" Wars)

2. ONLY the clan leader(s) or authorized members may post the entry form.

3. You may have 3-5 clan members from each clan. Keep in mind that having less members means you will have to fight extra matches if the opposing clan is larger; how many you do will depend on the size of the clan you face in each round). At the moment though, you can post your clan's entry into the war (having one member [including yourself] will put you in since this is still the registration period + tournament is unofficial due to lack of funding from staff); just make sure you have the minimum amount of members before the deadline.

If you fail to have the minimum amount of members by deadline, you're not entered.

4. Once your clan's request to join wars is accepted, then all members who are listed on the submitted list must confirm their entry. (If they don't confirm their entry, then they will not be marked on the final roster that will be sent to Sam when the war begins. That is so we know that they actually want to do it; and not because you threw their name on to get spaces). You can confirm your entry either here or on chat/game.

Basic Rules

Section A

1. No using Pokes with breed points higher than +27.

2. Only 1 special legendary per person. You may run as many NORMAL legendaries OR special non-legendaries as you wish. This includes stuff like Golden Palkia, Shiny Lugia, etc. Stuff like NORMAL Lugia Shadow or Arceus Ninja are not special legendaries and thus, you are allowed to run as much as you'd like. (This is NOT a tournament to see who can win with the most donation legendaries, etc if you will)

3. Full team is required (meaning 6), however you are allowed to switch teams between clan battles only. (This means that you may change teams when fighting a different clan, but not when you are still fighting members of the same clan). Aside from whatever is mentioned in #1 and #2, you are free to do what you want with team.

4. No status moves OR any moves with a 50% or higher chance of causing status. (This means no Thunder Wave, Dark Void, Zap Cannon, Inferno, Spore, Boo, etc. You are allowed to use moves such as Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Dark Pulse/Discharge since they do not possess a 50% or higher chance of causing status). Also, OHKO moves are banned (Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Fissure, Horn Drill); much like with Smogon.

5. Usage of consumable items (Potions, Healing items, etc.) are expressly forbidden.

6. Each player is allowed 3 switches per battle, regardless if you time out or get an error. You are responsible for keeping track of your own returns as well as your opponent's.

7. If any violation of the listed rules in this section are observed, it is your responsibility to report it so it may be dealt with quickly. But seriously, just play fair.

Section B

1. Don't fix matches with other players. To make things go quickly, just fight whoever you see online at the moment. It's understandable that newer members may be entering and you don't want them to be fighting against seasoned veterans; however, we need to have this move quickly. So, just fight whoever you see online at the moment.

2. Post your match results here so wins can be kept track of. You may post a screenshot if you are able to (we suggest posting one so the result can be verified as legitimate).

3. Do NOT change moves between matches. You are to use the same moveset throughout all battles with a player. You are allowed to switch moves when fighting a different opponent.

4. If you are scheduled to battle for clan wars, but are unable to due to personal commitments (work, academia, etc.), you may have one of your clan mates fight your battle instead. However, you will then need to reciprocate in the next one (if any); meaning that you will have to do their battle in addition to your own. This is to make sure that you do your share of the participation.

Section C (Inactivity Clause):
To be edited accordingly, based on the number of clans entered

Current Number of Clans: 2
Number of Battles: 1

If you don't fight in the clan battle and you are on the member list, you will be dropped from the tournament.

The intention of this section is to make sure everyone does their fair share of the battles within the tournament and EARNS their honor points. It's not fair to the other members if your clan ends up winning first place, but you yourself are consistently absent (in short, you relying on the rest of your team mates to handle your part). Again, we understand personal matters take precedence over whatever happens here, but please try to be here for your battles as much as possible. If you guys have clan tournaments of your own, make sure they don't conflict with this one if you decide to enter.

Battle Format
All results will be posted on Challonge. Clan leaders, if you wish to sign up and report the results there yourself, use the below link to register yourselves. Otherwise, I'll just manually add you in there; and update the scores there. (It makes it easier to keep track of your wins/losses)

1. All matches will be on a best of 3 basis. This means that you need to win 2 fights in order to have won the battle.

2. This tournament shall run on a round-robin/matrix format. In this format, you will fight all of the other clans that have entered. (This gives you another chance to win if you're falling behind). Depending on how many people show up though, we might have to use single-elimination to make things go faster; especially since the tournament is running during the academic year (and members may have examinations or outside activities to attend to).

3. During each clan war, one member from each clan fights against each other.

4. Each single victory counts as 1 point towards your clan's point total. (This means that if you beat the opposing clan member twice and win, that is worth 2 points). At the end of the wars, whoever has the most points will be the winner.

5. Clan matchups will be determined by a randomizer. (If the clan you are supposed to be fighting in the first round isn't here, but another one is, you may do your battles with them instead. We'd like to get this tournament done quickly with a minimum of delay). As for the actual member fights themselves, just try to fight whoever is on at the time, depending on whether members in questions are free or doing stuff. (See Section B, article 1)

6. If there is a dispute between matches, it is between you and your opponent to settle things. If a solution can't be reached, then your match will simply be voided (meaning no points go to either side).


1. Once the registration deadline passes, NO more entries will be accepted. This is so matches can be easily arranged and also gives you some time to prepare. Late entries mess up the match schedules and cause problems for the rest of us.

2. If you're not entering this tournament and have problems, please post your concerns here. Some things are here for a reason (do not report this tournament just because you don't agree with it). At the moment, no one is being banned; however if you continually cause problems for the tournament, you will be punished (either you get banned from participation in future tournaments OR face forum bans)

3. Please do not argue about the rules or the battle format. They are specifically there to ensure that everyone who is entering gets a fair shot at victory; also the matches will be randomized so I won't have a say in who is fighting whom first. (The Inactivity Clause exists so that members are rewarded for effort and not for being consistently absent. Essentially, you are rewarded based on effort.)

4. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you understand everything that is written here, whether or not you are entering. If you have concerns about anything regarding this tournament, please ask for clarification. (You may voice your concerns either here or on Mibbit, but questions/comments that are voiced in a non-civil manner will NOT be answered.)

5. Make sure you check the PokeInfinity channel b/c updates and other things, such as match-ups and format things will be mentioned there in addition to over here. (The tournament standings will be listed here)

6. If you have questions about tournament stuff, etc, then you can post as much as you need to in thread. That's why this exists: to help you guys along through the tournament and clear up confusion (in addition to keeping things organized). DO NOT post anything that is unrelated to the tournament (this means you, spam bots!)

7. Valor trained Pokes are allowed & recommended, given the nature of this tournament. If you have to borrow Pokes from your friend, then do it.

Entry Form
(To be filled ONLY by the clan leader and/or an authorized member)

    [b][u]Clan Name:[/u][/b]
    [b]Member 1:[/b]
    [b]Member 2:[/b]
    [b]Member 3:[/b]
    [b]Member 4:[/b]
    [b]Member 5:[/b]

Tournament will start if we have at least 2 active clans by the deadline. All clans entering must submit a fighting list by July 7th, 2014 @ 9:00 pm Hawai'i Standard Time (GMT -10)


Matches should be underway around Wednesday, July 16th - Friday; July 18
Current Clans

1st Place = 30 Honor Points
2nd Place = 10 Honor Points
3rd Place = 5 Honor Points

Unlike other tournaments, I'm proposing a 1 honor point prize for those who don't make the top 3 (as a sort of consolation prize, so you don't feel as bad; especially for the newer members who are interested in this).

NOTE: The prizes are not official; I haven't submitted a request for prizing yet and Sam needs to approve the request once I do. So at the moment, this tournament is UNOFFICIAL until the prizes are confirmed. (Sam won't receive request until we have the prescribed amount of clans/members. It isn't worth his time if I send the request and only one clan decides to fight.)

Keep in mind that honor points won't be offered, due to sam being busy.

If there is anything I missed or should be added/removed, please mention it. (There are some things that weren't mentioned in this post; again please post if you have questions)
Things will be edited for clarity and to encourage participation.


"Until our paths meet again in battle, prepare your teams and aim towards victory! And play fair!"
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