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Event Walkthrough (Generic)

Formerly known as the July4 Event Guide

Updated: 8/5/2014

Because some of the newer users [and a couple returning ones] requested this guide for doing events, here you go.
This is a guide to doing any events that happen in PI; how does it work and what you gotta do. Keep in mind that this guide can apply to ALL seasonal events; just remember to adapt the items/requirements to that particular one.


1a) You will need to get certain items in order to get the Poke you want; how many you need depends on the Poke itself. To make it easy, just look at the token price for that Poke and that's how much (of the item) you need. For example, a July4 Chikorita costs 20 tokens in shop; therefore you need 20 Rockets. This holds true in most cases.

2a) As for finding the NPC that gives you what you want, challenge them to a battle and they'll have the Pokes they give in team. The NPCs give the same Pokes, so if you did the event in previous years, you should know who they are. (I won't provide the locations because they change every year.)

3a) The event legendary can only be taken once per year; and as expected, they require much more items than the rest of the set. (Again, if you're not sure what NPC gives the Poke you want, just fight them and see their team). Of course, some NPCs will not have a team so to speak; so you'll have to go check again if you forgot. That means: You get the event legendary this year, you can't get another one from that NPC until next year (because it works like a normal quest). Of course, you can buy another one from token shop if you have the funding (or if there are other legendaries, you can aim for those).

4a) There is no specific order on how you have to do event. You choose what Pokes you want to get, and aim for them. If you would like to get extras of a particular Poke, just repeat what's mentioned in BASICS until you get enough items to get another one. (The non-legendary ones are REPEATABLE; do them however many times you'd like; provided you have the time and required items).

5a) Events are usually TL 5 and over (there are some that are higher). If you are high enough to get out of Start Island, you have enough experience to do an event.

6a) To get items needed, defeat wild Pokes in the event area. (This also serves as a good excuse to EV train)

Event Exclusive (Summer)

Will be updated as data comes

(This guide will be updated for each event)

If you have questions, feel free to ask here or on Mibbit if I am there.
Hope this helps

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