How to not get banned for abusing the "Referral System"

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How to not get banned for abusing the "Referral System"

It seems as if this is the reason most people get banned, for abusing the referral system. Whether it's intentional or just a lack of understanding how this system works, this will clear things up

1) The first and most obvious rule is to not refer yourself.
-Most people try to cover up that they are referring their self by saying that the person they referred is either a friend or family member. This will not work and you will eventually be found out.
-You ARE allowed up to have 3 accounts (Any more than that might rise suspicions and may be looked into), but you may NOT refer them

2) Secondly, do not refer somebody that already has an account.
-The whole point of the referral system is to offer an incentive to get new people into the game.

3) Do not buy referrals.
-This ties in with rule 2), you are NOT allowed to buy referrals from ANY other game (The most obvious games are PI, Chaos, MRO, and PWO, but all games apply)

4) If you break these rules you, may be given ONE warning. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity.
-Depending on the severity of the abuse, you may NOT be given a warning
-Your referrals WILL be reset after each warning or ban
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Re: How to not get banned for abusing the "Referral System"

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