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Pokemon Infinity Rulebook (REVISED)

As the old rule thread has been considerably edited from its original wording, it is only proper that a new one with clearer wording is put into place. Starting immediately, these rules are in effect and must be obeyed. (The older one is still here, but unstickied/locked; please do not use that for reference)

1. No Spam
Make sure all posts are relevant to the topic at hand. While it is likely that slight straying from the topic is allowed; provided it is still relevant, it shall not be considered as spam.
Constant spam can end on a post-wipe, which resets all the spammer's posts. Posts that are basically just "haha", "agreed", "lol" etc. are considered spam too. You need to actually something useful.

This also includes posting MLP pictures in threads that aren't even relevant. This must be mentioned as many people do this on other forums, and does prove to be very annoying. Don't do it. (This applies to other series pics that don't help the topic flow)

If you're caught spamming, your post count may be frozen; also you risk getting a warn increase or a ban if severe enough.

Spambots will have their forum accounts banned from the forum (on sight). You have been warned.

2. Languages
We speak English on this forum. If you struggle to communicate with others because of the language barrier, then use a translator or speak English to the best of your ability. Don't worry if you just use fractured sentences; just make sure we understand what you intended to say. Unfortunately, there may not be a lot of users who speak your primary language if it isn't English.

Also keep in mind that we have users who use American English and some who use British English; do not claim that your spelling is correct and someone else's wrong (both of them are technically correct, depending on your upbringing/surroundings).

3. No swearing
Any form of profane language towards other players is forbidden. Harassing other people is also prohibited and either of those will result in a warning/ban, depending on severity.

4. Porn
Links or images of any obscene content (i.e. animal/human mating, pornography, heavy usage of profanity and so on) aren't allowed under any circumstances. Breaking this rule will result in a severe ban.

5. No advertising
Do not advertise or post any link to sites not related to Pokemon Infinity (or any official Pokemon website such as Bulbapedia, Serebii, PokemonDB).
Any user found advertising outside of their profile will be either warned or banned.

6. Be respectful
Just behave yourselves and don't start flaming/trolling each other. If you're caught doing it, you get warned or banned depending on severity. This also includes respecting any/all of this forum's staff members. Keep in mind we can ban you from this forum if you continually misbehave (so don't do it). Also see rule 3.

7. Never impersonate another user
Saying that you're another user will result in a permanent ban if caught.

8. Keep your signatures small
Don't use extremely large pictures or oversized text on your signature. If your signature is oversized, you will be asked to change it. In essence, make sure it is no larger than 6 inches (or 15.24 cm).

We have a spoiler tag for large signatures; please use it.

9. Credit is required
Much like in academic disciplines, sources to information (such as news stories) or images are required. This is to make sure this is actually true and not something you made up.

Simply putting IMG credit: (user) or leaving a link to where you got the picture from is sufficient enough. In the case of text, a simple URL to source is acceptable. We do not require it to be in MLA/APA format like you would do in an academic setting. Please make sure you have permission to use said images/information, however, since some pictures carry a Creative Commons license or news articles explicitly state "do not repost..."

10. No excessive bumping

If the topic is long dead, leave it that way. If the topic has been dead for two weeks (14 days), just remake it. If you're caught bumping a very old topic, you will be warned.
If you wish for a thread to be locked, simply ask one of the staff members and we'll lock it for you.

11. Don't abuse the codes
Unless you absolutely need to use the BB codes here (bold, italicize, etc), please don't overuse them.

12. Don't abuse the bugs/glitches
It is true that PI has its fair share of bugs, but don't abuse them. If you see any, just mention them here (or tell PP/Fur on the IRC if there).

13. Do not ban evade
If we ban you, it is usually for a good reason. Attempting to evade the ban filter will result in you getting a longer (if not permanent ban); and also risks the chance of you being IP banned from the forums. This means you will never be allowed to access this forum again. This includes the IRC as well.

It's also advised that you don't lash out at any of the mods if this happens; doing so will lessen the chances of you being unbanned.

If you are banned on IRC, just post an appeal thread explaining what happened and why we should unban you. Just keep in mind that not all of us will be on the channel at the time of your banning; but we will make an attempt to find out what happened and decide whether circumstances will allow it.

14. No asking to become staff
It will lower your chances of being one. You will be asked if you are well respected around the PI game/forum and are deemed responsible enough to handle matters on the forum/chat/game (if applicable).

15. Forum Accounts
You only need one account to say stuff here. Having multiple accounts will result in a ban if there is sufficient evidence that both have similar behavior. IP checks may be done on a random basis however. If you somehow forgot your pass/email to your original account, then just make a new one and notify us on forum that you can no longer access the original.

16. Questions
Before you ask a question, check the forum first to see if it hasn't already been asked/resolved sometime in the past. (Use the Search function at top left of the page or simply check the Questions Thread that's stickied)

This also applies to the following:
- When the Pokemon Infinity server is up in the event of downtime. Remember that I don't have access to the server (given I am still a normal player like the rest of you); neither do PP/Fur. We don't know when it'll be up, so don't ask.
- When are we getting the Unova/Kalos/Alola maps? Yes, we'd like to have them all updated, but realize that designing new quests and stuff takes a very long time. Plus, you need to factor in the amount of downtime this game gets, and the decreasing playerbase.

17. Posting personal information
Unless you have gotten express permission from the member in question, NEVER post personal information of a user. This includes posting their real names, address, SSN, relationship status and so forth.

Doing so will result in either a warning or a ban; depending on severity.

It is your responsibility to periodically check the rules. They will be subject to change with/out prior notice.
Being ignorant to any new rule changes is not an excuse.

That out of the way, if you wish for any clarification on these rules, please post here.
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Re: Pokemon Infinity Rulebook (REVISED)

1st question

How to remove warning

2nd question

If a person is banned from forum then how can she evade !!!!!! (because she cannot access forum to tell staff to unban her)
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Post Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:01 am

Re: Pokemon Infinity Rulebook (REVISED)

1. Warnings can't be removed. Once you get one, it stays.
Consider it as like a strike system.

2. They can ban evade by making a new account. Keep in mind that staff members have access to a user's IP address.
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