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unique count

yesterday i was browsing something and i got confused when i noticed something.

Can someone help me with the unique pokemon count on profile.

Suppose i have only 1 pokemon say i have a pichu. i evolved into pikachu and then raichu. Still i have only 1 pokemon raichu.So what will be on profile will it be seen there 1 unique or 3 unique.

And same question on Pokedex. On pokedex if a pokemon is on red box. it means that is not with me . So for above question will pokedex show i have 3 pokemons on caught pokedex , or will it show 3 pokemon on caught pokedex.

P.S. Do not close this topic i want to clear few doubts and some questions on this topic. When all my doubts are cleared on this topic and few others related to this post then you may close this topic. So Ruka please don't close this topic too early.
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Post Mon May 05, 2014 10:19 am

Re: unique count

You double posted this, so lock
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